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The Golf Performance School at Poland Spring

The Golf Performance School at Poland Spring is an ideal setting for players of all levels to learn, improve and enjoy the game. A perfect destination for a relaxing golf school vacation with gorgeous views and affordable rates.  Stay at one of our three inns or 11 cottages on our 500-acre vacation destination which is listed on the National Register of Historical Places. Our practice facility includes a meticulously maintained grass tee, 330-yard driving range, target greens, practice bunkers and bent grass putting green. The Arthur Fenn / Donald Ross designed course at Poland Spring is an 18-hole par 71 layout with a slope of 124 measuring 6,178 yards, a perfect learning environment for players of all levels.  Golf Performance Schools run from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM Tuesday – Sunday, with a one-hour lunch break. The tuition includes instruction, unlimited use of the practice facility and daily golf course access. The golf schools have a maximum of 4 to 1 student to teacher ratio ensuring that everyone receives an ample amount of one on one attention and equipment use.

Philosophy & Staff

Our golf school philosophy is that we don’t teach a strict method. However, we do have a system and a method of how we teach. Unique, fundamentally based and creative in a way that highlights student strengths and identify weaknesses.  Our objective in teaching the game of golf is to help students improve their skills and develop their abilities.  The purpose is to develop a golf swing that delivers a consistent correct impact with a repetitive ball flight.  The platform of the golf swing lies in the fundamentals; grip, aim, setup, posture and balance are core components of a repetitive swing and a consistent game. The cornerstone of our teaching philosophy consists of impact, ball flight and swing shape from which lesson progress is developed.  Measurable impact and ball flight assessments establish an initial baseline for plans to improve players skills associated with lower scores.  From there, we work with the player to bring him/her to their neutral, i.e.; a golf swing shape that matches impact and ball flight, works in conjunction with the players body type, his ability and preferences, and delivers for each a correct impact and repetitive ball flight.

Every golfer has individual goals, strengths, weaknesses and learning styles that we take into consideration as each lesson is tailored. Our philosophy remains the same from beginner to professional. To help players improve; we address the full swing, short game, putting, course management, and practice routines. We have an obligation to teach each student, to enable them to become their own teacher and to show how they may benefit best from each lesson.

Through impact, ball flight awareness, swing shape and practice drills the student will know and understand how to manage his/her game when it counts; on their own and on the course. We inform each student of the lesson objective, what will occur during the session and reasons for my suggestions. We use verbal, visual and kinematic communication along with technology and training aids to reinforce necessary changes, to bring about improvement, to explain why such changes are correct, and explain the results it produces. All our lessons, clinics, and schools are approached with enthusiasm and dedication. Staffed by award winning PGA Professionals with over 60 years of combined golf school instruction experience.


Why guess when you can measure!  The Golf Performance School at Poland Spring utilizes some of the most advanced technology and training available in our player development schools and programs.  Launch your game into the forefront of golf training and improvement at The Golf Performance School at Poland Spring.

  • TrackMan launch monitor brings valuable club data, ball data and launch conditions to the instructor and player making diagnosis spot on, brings an external focus of attention to the players training and accelerate the learning process. Test your game using the TrackMan Test Center or the TrackMan Combine to identify strengths and weaknesses in your game, compare and benchmark performance to yourself or the best in the world. 
  • K-Coach and K-Player 3D Motion improves performance by incorporating 3D motion training into workout routines. The Golf Performance School at Poland Spring offers the industry’s only human motion learning system. K-Coach and K-Player combine to measure player’s power and 3D data, compares to PGA & LPGA then assesses characteristics and generates insightful reports. The system automatically flows reports into a powerful coaching and training builder providing each player with customized training programs built from an extensive library of drills and workouts.
  • Boditrak Ground Force & Pressure analysis is a pillar of modern golf coaching.  From TOUR to club player, and full swing to putting, even slight adjustments yield big changes to performance.  Stay on the leading edge, and make performance changes that stick.
  • Blast Motion Golf combines sensor-based swing and stroke metrics with auto-edited video clips in an easy to use mobile app. Get real-time feedback with a solution designed to help students train smarter and get better. 
  • Data – Video Analysis – Year-Round Remote Coaching Options
3 Day Golf School $699 Per Player Alumni School $629
2 Day Golf School $529 Per Player Alumni School $479
1 Day Golf School $269 Per Player Alumni School $239
1/2 Day Golf School $229 Per Player Alumni School $199
Lodging is not included but available

Private and Semi-Private Lessons & Clinics

Golf Performance School Booking & Information For Golf School and Lesson booking and information, please contact John King, PGA, (334)759-0013 (cell), (email) or (website)