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A message from Governor Janet Mills

Time and again, Maine people have risen to the challenges put in front of us. We have survived blizzards, ice storms, depressions, booms and busts. We’ve suffered loss — as a state and as families. We have conquered them because we are a strong, resilient people – borne of the western foothills; the northern potato fields; the bold, rocky coasts; and the tall, pine forests. We have been lifted up by the courage, conviction and resilience that comes from loving a place and its people. Let us continue to prepare, take every precaution, remain both careful and compassionate. We will get through this.

Links to information about Maine’s reopening plan. These change daily!

Travel with Care


Keep Maine Healthy – please read!

Compliance form – guest must sign at check in if they live somewhere beside Maine, New Hampshire or Vermont.

The check list that all businesses in Maine must adhere to including Poland Spring.

A message from Cyndi Robbins Innkeeper

When this year began, Poland Spring was expecting one of our best years in a decade. The Poland Spring Family was hard at work, remodeling the Mel’s Hilltop Restaurant, remodeling bathrooms at the Maine Inn, adding all new heat AC Pumps to the Maine Inn, leased all new golf carts, increased parking lot size, etc.

Like our governor, and our President, I was caught off guard. Poland Spring history is of full of triumphs and tragedies. A virus that would sweep the world, none of us were prepared for. I sure wasn’t, but with the help of the Poland Spring Family we daily have made adjustments to keep Poland Spring Resort afloat. Will it be the year I was expecting, no it won’t be.

July 3rd, we reopened the Maine Inn and the cottages. You will find the golf course, the Maine Inn, Mel’s Hilltop, Cyndi’s Dockside open, but with social distancing when you can’t social distance you must wear a mask. You will constantly see my staff sanitizing. You will feel safe!

But because of the virus, we did little advertising, I need YOU my extended Poland Spring Family to put the word out! POLAND SPRING IS OPEN!

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